J2A Instructor & Creator

I've joined a high-level club, the Racing Club de France, and I passed my state certificate at the age of 18. Around 25 years old I became technical director of the Parisian club CASL.

Even today I manage to reconcile my professional career as an entrepreneur with my passion as a judo teacher.



General secretary

Volunteer elected to the ACBB Equitation for 6 years and having practiced judo for several years, I offered my little sister my experience as Secretary General in a sports association and my know-how as a graphic designer.

Hoping to make your moments at Judo J2A for your children and yourself a little bubble of pleasure every week!

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Foot & Multisport Instructor

I have been passionate about freestyle football for almost three years!

It is an artistic discipline that mixes juggling, basketball and break-dancing all with a ball. Younger, I played football at ESN for 8 years in a regional and departmental club. I have been immersed in the world of sport since I was little, I hope to become a professional freestyler and travel to several countries and wish to transmit my passion for sport to children.




Judo instructor

I started judo at the Avenir Sonzay judo, a club in the Tours countryside. I continued my training at the UJTM in order to be faced with better opposition. I obtained my STAPS license specializing in Sports Training. From now on, I professionalize my course by passing my BPJESP judo with J2A.



Judo instructor

I have been practicing judo for 14 years now. Between competitions and technical courses here I am now at the Dojo J2A in parallel with a DEJEPS in judo.

I come from Coulommiers, a small town 60km from Paris.
I am passionate about judo that's why I make it my job. In addition, exchanging and passing on my knowledge would be a source of inspiration

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Multisport animator

Passionate about sport since childhood, I've been doing handball in competition for 10 years, a family sport :)

I have become a departmental handball coach 2 years ago, and I hope to be able to pass down my values and knowledge by professionalizing myself with J2A.