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For the proper functioning of our association and its sustainability, it seemed important to us to specify, in the interest of all, the following points:

REGISTRATION Any registration only becomes final once:
- The activity form is fully completed
- All payments are made (bank check, online (CB), ANCV / CESUS check, transfer)
- All 3 checks are given in case of payment in 3 checks

INVOICE or CERTIFICATE No document will be provided as long as the registration file is incomplete. Requests are to be made by email to
PUNCTUALITY Before dropping off his or her children for Judo and Funny Wednesday lessons, the parent or legal representative must ensure that the teacher is present and/or that the dojo/room is not closed for public holidays and/or exceptional reasons. We ask everyone to respect the times that are indicated (class times, appointments for sporting events, ...) and in particular to come and pick up your child at the end of class times. The repeated, unjustified absence of a child will be the subject of the information to the parents or to the legal representative.

HYGIENE Martial Arts are mostly contact sports. Scrupulous personal hygiene is therefore essential. In addition, the use of specific sandals (long, zoories or others) is mandatory for trips between the changing rooms and the tatami mats. RESPECT FOR PEOPLE and EQUIPMENT Correct attire is required for any activity within the club and when traveling, as well as during sporting events or courses. Any member of the association must ensure that his attitude in the dojo or outside it is in accordance with the principles of the moral code of French judo. Access to the course or participation in a competition may be refused in the event of a marked breach of these elementary principles, a repeat offense may result in exclusion without reimbursement of the membership fee. Obviously, such an outcome must remain exceptional; the values ​​carried by judo and the right to make mistakes are an integral part of the teaching and the course of judoka. Priority is given to the teaching and transformation of the individual through experience.

PRESENCE OF PARENTS IN DOJOS / ROOMS Parents do not have to attend the entire course in order to ensure that it runs smoothly. On the other hand, open days will be organized according to a defined schedule so that you can see your child evolve.
Access to the dojo and rooms are prohibited for parents until the cancellation of health rules related to COVID

- Registration remains acquired by the Association for the current year, ie from September 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021. They cannot, under any circumstances, give rise to reimbursements during the year and cannot be calculated pro rata temporis. The only exception on the presentation of a medical certificate of incapacity may give rise to a reimbursement calculated on a pro-rata temporis basis during the year.
Funny club J2A offers many alternatives to make up for missed judo lessons due to health restrictions.
- Camps are reimbursable in the event of confinement. For all other reasons, the days or half days missed can be made up during or in another course depending on availability

IMAGE RIGHTS Amanda Added and the Funny club J2A administrative team are authorized, unless the parents decide otherwise, to photograph or film the children as part of their group activities for the sole purpose of broadcasting on the WhatsApp groups of the rooms, judo or training courses, or on the association's website. Any refusal or limitation of such dissemination must be notified by email to
See conditions

INSURANCE Judo J2A is insured for the services provided in professional civil liability. However, Judo J2A can in no way be held responsible for the loss, theft, and breakage of personal items belonging to children. As part of their activities in the center or with partners, families undertake to take out appropriate liability insurance for the children enrolled.
See insurance condition

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