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Judo J2A went to competition last weekend and the kids made us proud! Here are the results:


Félix - 2nd

Anna et Ayline - 3rd


Énora - 3rd

Gabriel - 3rd


Antoine - 7th

Melvil - 5th

Gabriel - 1st

Noé and Gabriel unfortunately didn't place



Anais - 1st

Garance - 2nd

Guillemette - 2nd

Emma - 5th


Simon - 1st

Indiko - 5th

Elias - 7th

Congratulations to all that participated!

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To kick off la rentrée, we went to the Forum des Associations to meet all of you! It was a great day and now we're happy to be back to doing what we love most- passing on our passion for sports!

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Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Guillemette had the French 2nd division championships on May 21st!

She won her pool. Wins them 32ᵉ, 16ᵉ, 8ᵉ in a very nice way.

And it stalls in the quarter with a mistake at the end of the fight when she was leading by 2 Kinzas... raging, the medal was close!

A very nice 5th place for Guillemette which will have rewarded this superb day!

Very proud of you !

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