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MAIF insurance conditions


Additional information / Insurance:

The j2a association has taken out an insurance contract with MAIF. You will find attached the insurance conditions concerning the civil liability insurance contract (RC) taken out with the MAIF.

The Sports Code requires all sports structures to take out civil liability insurance in order to cover all the people who depend on this structure. On the other hand, individual insurance is a personal choice, however sports associations have the duty to ensure an obligation of information in this matter.

The J2a association has also taken out an insurance contract with MAIF against bodily accidents. It allows the insured to benefit from a financial guarantee in the event of bodily injury, even if there is no intervention by a responsible third party. By virtue of article L321-4 of the Sports Code, sports associations are subject to a duty of information relating to the interest for athletes to take out insurance covering bodily injury to which they may be exposed by sports practice. You will find attached the terms of the bodily injury contract taken out with the Maif.

If the guarantees and terms of the contract do not seem sufficient to you, you can take out additional individual guarantees. In addition, the athlete remains free to choose his insurer. Article 38 of the law of July 16, 1984 provides that: "Sports groups are required to inform their members of their interest in taking out a personal insurance contract with the aim of offering fixed guarantees in the event of bodily injury . "

INSURANCE: The establishment of this registration with the J2a association allows its holder to benefit from the Civil Liability insurance taken out by J2a with the MAIF. In addition, the J2A association gives him the possibility of benefiting from the Personal Accident insurance, also taken out with the MAIF.

The undersigned declares to have read and accepted all of these guarantees as indicated in the attached insurance conditions. The undersigned declares to have been informed of the possibilities of optional extensions complementary to the basic guarantees or of any other guarantee adapted to his situation that he may have an interest in subscribing personally with the GMF or the insurer of his choice.


By checking, you certify that you have read the insurance information attached to this information notice and that it makes its decision with full knowledge of the facts.

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